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Planet Forward: API President Jack Gerard Jack Gerard, President of the American Petroleum Institute, describes the world's energy demand over the next 20 years in this Planet Forward clip. Planet Forward, an innovative, viewer-driven program that debuts on the web first and then moves to television, in a primetime PBS special on April 15th (check local listings for exact show times) just a week ahead of Earth Day, asked people everywhere to submit their thoughts about the growing energy debate. A recent projection by the U.S. Department of Energy shows demand for oil will increase 35 percent, the demand for natural gas will rise 53 percent, and although the use of renewables will expand greatly, it still will account for only 8.5 percent of total world energy demand by 2030. This might not reflect what many people have heard, but it's the truth.

TV: U.S. Energy Production: A New Foundation For Growth This TV commercial explains why Congress' proposal to increase taxes on the oil and natural gas industry makes no sense in this economy. Instead, America should produce more domestic oil and natural gas. Unlike industry taxes, increased U.S. energy production will create jobs and economic growth to get America moving! For more information, visit

The Story of Natural Gas

The story of oil and natural gas is one of ingenuity and determination -- from finding energy under miles of rock beneath the ocean floor, to producing it in the harshest climates imaginable, transporting it across the globe, and refining it into products.

Energy Efficient Homes - Rebuilding Together Kickoff to Rebuild

Rebuilding Together volunteers gathered to blitz the community of West Tampa in the rain and cold for the 14th annual Kickoff to Rebuild. More than 20 homes were repaired and restored in the historic community.

U.S Oil Fields - Kern River Basin Tour

Kern River, home of one of America's oldest and most prolific oil fields. Oil was first discovered here in 1899 when two men noticed oil seeping from the riverbank. They dug a shallow well by hand and touched off an oil boom. Bloggers from,, and, toured the Kern River Basin along with API's Jane Van Ryan to see how new technology is extending the life of this field.

TV: Who Has Stake in U.S. Oil Companies? Who owns America's oil and natural gas companies? This TV commerical says that if you have mutual funds or a retirement plan, odds are, the answer is you. Find out if your investments give you ownership in U.S. oil companies. For more information, visit

TV: Let's Put America's Oil & Natural Gas Resources to Work for Americans This TV commerical reminds us that the U.S. has enough untapped oil and natural gas resources to power more than 60 million cars and heat 160 million households for 60 years. But unlike many countries, our Congress puts much of it off-limits. A majority of Americans say that should change. Today's technology allows us to tap these resources and protect the environment. So let's put America's oil and natural gas to work for Americans. For more information, visit

TV: Americans Get 2/3 of Their Oil and Natural Gas from North America This TV commerical reminds us that Americans get 2/3 of the oil and natural gas they rely on from North America. To learn more, visit

Energy Efficiency - What Do You Do To Save Energy? Jane Van Ryan asks people on the street in Washington DC what they're doing to save energy. Brought to you by the People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry. For more information, visit

TV: Securing America's Energy Future This TV commercial explains that our growing world will require 45 percent more oil and natural gas by 2030, along with greatly expanding alternatives. America has substantial oil and natural gas resources right here - enough to power 60 million cars and heat 160 million households for 60 years. With advanced technology and smart policies, together we can secure America's energy future. For more information, visit