The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Digital Resources

Valerie Talks About Energy Taxes Valerie explains how energy taxes could have a tremendous affect on local community programs in Tallahassee, Fla.

Gary Talks About Energy Policy Gary expresses his concern about the importance of having a strong national energy policy and how its key components must sustain production and agriculture in Atlanta.

David Talks About Energy Taxes David sounds off from Richmond, Va., asking Congress to "stay away" from higher energy taxes!

Evelyn Talks About Energy Taxes Evelyn talks about escalating energy prices and encourages Georgia's political leaders to "stay in touch" with the needs of those in her community.

Jaqueline's Message to Senator Isakson About Energy Taxes Jaqueline encourages Georgia's policymakers to continue voting against higher energy taxes!

Todd's Message to Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss Todd discusses the negative impact higher energy costs will have on daily life and consumer needs and emphasizes that an increase "is not going to help us get out of this recession any faster!"

Josh's Message to Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss About Energy Josh urges Georgia's political leaders to keep energy prices low, reasoning that with so many alternatives out there, including drilling or expanses of other fuels, any actions that impact prices will further hinder the economy and expansion of future energy resources.

Tom Talks about U.S. Energy Independence and Offshore Drilling Tom proclaims that solutions for energy independence must include access to domestic resources and that failing to do so will only continue America's dependence on foreign oil.

George Talks About Energy Taxes and Drilling George, a U.S. military veteran, voices his support for producing energy at home and adds that raising energy taxes "makes no sense at all!"

Leah's Message to Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss Atlanta voter Leah expects her state's legislators to "focus more on conserving energy resources and NOT raising my taxes!"