The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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Energy Works: Richelle, Anadarko Richelle found her job shortly after her husband started his own businesss and she found out she was about to have her third child. But the job stabilized her life - she's going back to school, enjoys her job, and is finding the path to a great career. To learn more, visit

Energy Works: Working Safely and Reliably at Speedway in Kettering, Ohio Katie Bereda is a district manager for Speedway, a division of Marathon. She oversees eight convenience stores in the Dayton, Ohio, area, ensuring a safe and reliable supply of gasoline for her customers. http

Energy Works: Safety and Quality Assurance on Crude Oil Tankers Janet DeCastro, Quality Assurance Officer for Polar Tankers, works on vessels like the Polar Enterprise that deliver crude oil from Alaska to refineries on the US West Coast and Hawaii. Her job is to assist the tanker's crew in overseeing the safety of the vessel and its environmental compliance. Polar Tankers is a subsidiary of Conoco Phillips.

Researching & Developing Environmentally Friendly Energy Products Bob Morton, Chief Materials Scientist for ConocoPhillips at the Bartlesville Technology Center, works with other scientists and engineers to develop environmentally friendly energy products for the consumer. Employees of the Bartlesville Technology Center research biofuels, alternate fuels, nano technology, petroleum and natural petroleum to meet global future energy needs. For more information, visit http For more information, visit

Energy Works: Fueling Communities Across America Jamie Truett, an Engineer at Marathon Refining Division in Texas City, Texas, manages safety and environmental performance projects and coordinates capital spending at the refinery, which processes nearly 80000 barrels of crude oil each day. Jamie is proud to work in this industry because she provides people with the fuel they need to get to and from work each day and the fuel they need to heat their homes at night. For more information, visit http

Energy Works: Oxy's Long Beach, Calif., Production Facility - Hidden in Plain Sight Frank Komin, President and General Manager of Oxy Long Beach Inc., showcases Occidental Petroleum's THUMS oil and gas production facility, which blends into the local environment while providing good-paying jobs as well as revenue for the City and Port of Long Beach and the state of California. For more information, visit http

Energy Works: Cutting-Edge Technology in the Hunt for Oil & Gas George Laguros, Geophysicist for Marathon Oil Corporation in Houston, Texas, analyzes seismic data to visualize what's going on deep inside the earth and decide where to drill for oil and natural gas. He describes his work in exploration and production, discusses advances in technology and gives an insider's look at the Visionarium where experts analyze seismic data in their hunt for oil and gas. For more information, visit http

Energy Works: Drilling for Natural Gas and Being a Good Neighbor April Mestas coordinates Williams' natural gas drilling operations in Garfield County, Colorado. She works closely with landowners and local business leaders to ensure Williams' operations have a positive impact on the community. For more information, visit http

Drilling for Natural Gas and Protecting the Environment John Suchar is an environmental specialist for Williams' natural gas drilling operations in Parachute, Colorado. He ensures drilling operations leave as little impact as possible on the natural environment. For more information, visit http

Safety as a Priority

Operations Manager of the San Juan Business Unit, John Whitehead, talks about employee safety.