The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

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Energy Works: Maurice, Chevron Maurice was a loan counselor before coming to work at Chevron's refinery in Richmond, California. He worked his way up from being an operator to her current position, where he trains as well. Maurice has worked in his job, and moved up consistently, for ten years.

Energy Works: Phillip, Baker Hughes Phillip was once a truck driver, but got a job in hydraulic fracturing and has worked his way up. In 2011, he joined other members of the industry in telling Congress why the oil and natural gas industry is so important. To learn more, visit http

Energy Works: Chris, Baker Hughes Chris's background, but was willing to learn, and his job trained him to be a leader. Now, his work has led him to train people himself.

Energy Works: Aya, Petrophysicist Aya wanted to be a professor, but quickly changed during her PhD. She changed to a degree in geophysics, which led her to her current job at Shell. To learn more, visit http

Energy Works: Jeremy, Total Safety Jeremy is a good example of someone who has worked hard in the industry, learned and moved up. He joined the industry three years ago, and has quickly been promoted to his current regional manager position.

Energy Works: David, Shell David was an engineer in school, and wanted to find a job that would stimulate him on a daily basis. He found it during interviews with Shell at his college, and has loved working his job ever since. To learn more, visit

Energy Works: Matt, Shell

Matt is an petroleum engineer from North Dakota, and his whole family has benefited from the boom in the Bakken shale formation. Both his mother and father work in North Dakota, and have seen increased business because of the oil and natural gas industry

Energy Works: Maylen, Aviation Supervisor A few years ago, a recruiter found Maylen, helping her become an aviation supervisor for Chevron. Since then, she's enjoyed the stability and high pay of her job. To learn more, visit

Energy Works: Dawn, Total Safety

EnergyWorks.Org Dawn worked in the petrochemical industry, and was recruited to move to her new job. The position supports her family, and she enjoys the work she does on a daily basis. For more information, visit http

Energy Works: Charles, Total Safety Charles has been with Total Safety for 17 years, but has worked in the energy field for a number of decades. His jobs in the industry have put his children through school, and given him a comfortable life For more information, visit http