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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted November 15, 2013

Take a look at the trailer for “Down Deep,” a new film on hydraulic fracturing that’s scheduled to debut next week.

The full 26-minute film commissioned by WPX Energy is part of an effort to increase energy literacy on the advanced technologies involved in fracking and horizontal drilling that created the U.S. shale energy revolution.

Because of America’s vast shale reserves there are opportunities for America to become more energy self-sufficient and more secure and prosperous in an energy-dependent world. Natural gas and oil from shale, safely and responsibly developed, play a large role in making our environment hospitable while powering modern ways of living.

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John Felmy
Posted May 5, 2011

The National Journal reports this morning that Senate Republicans and House Democrats "both released comprehensive plans for job creation this week," managing to agree on quite a bit including "incentivizing deployment of natural gas, the fuel attracting the most support from both parties as an alternative to oil."

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