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Our Energy Good Fortune

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 18, 2016

Energy-wise, it’s a great time to be an American. Be it providence or plain good luck, the United States is energy rich – with the technologies, industry expertise and experience to responsibly develop the energy Americans need every day to lead modern lives. The U.S. energy revolution comes at an opportune moment in our country’s history. Consider just some of the products of this good energy fortune:

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API President and CEO Jack Gerard:

“[T]echnological advances have moved us from an era of energy scarcity to one of energy abundance in a few short years, and Washington can make energy policy choices that will continue our national progress …”

Americans recognize that energy is fundamental to their way of life, health and security. On a strong, bipartisan basis, they’re all-in on U.S. energy:

77 percent for increased oil and natural gas production, chart

In this election year, there’s an opportunity to be heard on a host of issues. None is more important than selecting the right leaders who will pursue policies that help secure America’s energy future and increase our energy good fortune.

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Mark Green joined API after a career in newspaper journalism, including 16 years as national editorial writer for The Oklahoman in the paper’s Washington bureau. Mark also was a reporter, copy editor and sports editor. He earned his journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma and master’s in journalism and public affairs from American University. He and his wife Pamela live in Occoquan, Va., where they enjoy their four grandchildren.