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Video: Hopes, Dreams and a Career in Energy

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted June 10, 2015

The video below was featured during last week’s Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) National Conference in Philadelphia, which highlighted the organization’s efforts to mentor at-risk youth. Take a look. “Darryl’s Story” is a compelling example of the positive effects of adult role-modeling – the good that can result when kids learn to dream big and then to work on their dreams. The energy connection: For Darryl, the journey took him to the oil and natural gas industry:

As an industry that’s creating opportunities that can be the realization of aspirations for fulfilling, well-paying careers, API is proud to partner with BBBS. The great news is that the oil and natural gas industry needs more Darryls, more young men and women who want to be geologists, engineers, chemists and the other specialties that comprise our modern workforce.

phillyAs we’ve noted recently, our industry will need to fill 1.3 million jobs through 2030 because of baseline growth and to replace retiring workers.  IHS projects that African American and Hispanic workers will account for more than 400,000 jobs in 2030, while women could account for 185,000 jobs. These are positions BBBS’ adult mentors can point to – opportunities to work and prosper, lifting individuals and entire families. From API President and CEO Jack Gerard’s remarks in Philadelphia:

“To remain a global energy leader we have to listen and to learn from each other to ensure that the next generation of petroleum, civil and mechanical engineers and other science, technology, engineering and math undergraduate and graduate students are as diverse as our nation. And if we achieve that goal, future generations of Americans will only know their country as a global energy leader.  And remaining a global energy leader could usher in not only an unparalleled era of energy security for our nation and bring stability to the global energy market, but also ensure economic opportunity and prosperity for generations to come.”

For a number of young Americans, careers like these and their benefits are sparked by a suggestion. “I’m a petroleum engineer for an independent oil and gas company,” Darryl says in the video, “just like my bigs told me I could be.”

That’s dedicated volunteers in the BBBS program pointing the way. For the oil and natural gas industry, as well as other industries and businesses, it’s about being there when they arrive.

  • Photo Courtesey Jasen Hudson/BBBS


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