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Video: Fracking and Colorado

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted March 19, 2015

More from petroleum geologist Barbara Pickup in Breckenridge, Colo., featured in an API television ad earlier this year, talking about hydraulic fracturing and the environment.   

In the video below, Pickup talks about her love for the outdoors and environmental roots – and how they’re compatible with safe, responsible energy development using advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Take a look:

Fracking is time-tested yet the technologies are continuing to improve. And, as Pickup says, it’s highly regulated:

“We’ve been hydraulic fracturing safely in this country for over 65 years. That’s a long time, to perfect processes, and the regulations on it have only become more strict over time. So not only have we gotten better at it, but it is incredibly regulated.”

Energy development and environmental protection – in everyone’s interest.


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