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Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted February 13, 2015

Shale Gas and Tight Oil are Commercially Produced in Just Four Countries


EIA Today in Energy: The United States, Canada, China, and Argentina are currently the only four countries in the world that are producing commercial volumes of either natural gas from shale formations (shale gas) or crude oil from tight formations (tight oil). The United States is by far the dominant producer of both shale gas and tight oil.


Canada is the only other country to produce both shale gas and tight oil. China produces some small volumes of shale gas, while Argentina produces some small volumes of tight oil. While hydraulic fracturing techniques have been used to produce natural gas and tight oil in Australia and Russia, the volumes produced did not come from low-permeability shale formations.

The four countries producing commercial volumes of shale gas and tight oil all increased output in 2014, and in all four countries, natural gas and crude oil production from shale and tight formations grew at a faster rate last year than production from non-shale and non-tight formations.

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