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Video: Time to Build Keystone XL

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted January 28, 2015

Check out a new video that captures quite well the game of political football involving the Keystone XL pipeline, a game of overtime that’s making Americans wait for jobs, economic benefits and greater energy security. Some might call it deflating. Take a look:

Points underscored by the video:

  • The White House is responsible for delaying a shovel-ready infrastructure project that would support more than 42,000 jobs during construction, according to the U.S. State Department.
  • Keystone XL would put $2 billion in workers’ pockets and add $3.4 billion to U.S. GDP – again, according to the State Department.
  • Keystone XL has cleared five separate environmental reviews – with the conclusion that the project wouldn’t significantly affect the environment, climate or otherwise.
  • The project would strengthen America’s energy security, bringing oil from Canada and the U.S. Bakken region to the Gulf Coast for processing by U.S. refineries.

As the video states, it’s time to stop playing games with the Keystone XL pipeline. A strong majority of Americans supports building the pipeline and doesn’t want President Obama to veto legislation that would advance a project that’s clearly in the national interest.


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