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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 3, 2014

Texas, North Dakota and Pennsylvania Lead U.S. Energy Surge

Forbes (David Blackmon) – As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence on Friday, it would also be appropriate to take a moment to celebrate those states who are currently leading our nation down the path towards energy independence.  No issue facing America today is more important than where we will continue to access sources of abundant and affordable energy.

Energy heats and cools our homes and office buildings, fuels the automobiles that get us to work, facilitates the growing and transport of the food that sustains us, serves as the feed stock for thousands of products that make our daily lives more convenient and raise our standard of living.  It is literally the life blood of our economy, and has been for more than 150 years.

For too many years, our country has found itself dependent on oil imported from other nations, many of whom are hostile to U.S. goals and ideals.  As we move into the future, our increasing independence from these foreign supplies of oil is key to enhancing our national security and affording our leaders geopolitical advantages that they have not enjoyed for many decades.

In the U.S. today, many states are playing increasing roles in this drive towards energy independence, but three of those states are clearly leading the way:  Texas, Pennsylvania and North Dakota.

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