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Video: Fracking a ‘Very Safe and Well-Understood Technology’

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted May 20, 2014

The video below details industry’s hydraulic fracturing experience in Colorado, a state whose oil and natural gas potential is being realized thanks to advanced fracking and horizontal drilling built on a rich history of safe and responsible drilling. Take a look:

As the speakers point out, the Denver-Julesburg (or D-J) Basin has been operating commercially for nearly 150 years. Modern hydraulic fracturing has grown from the days of trying various types of fracking fluids and using recycled aircraft engines for hydraulic horsepower to carefully formulated mixtures designed to produce tiny fractures in deep rock layers that hold oil and natural gas.

Though the core principles of hydraulic fracturing in shale and other tight-rock formations are relatively unchanged over the years, industry has made careful progress to today’s operations that use cutting-edge technology to increase effectiveness while reducing energy development’s environmental footprint. As Bonanza Creek Vice President Kerry McCowen says, “This is a very safe and well-understood technology.”

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