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Open Markets, Free Trade = Win-Win for U.S. Energy Security

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted April 14, 2014

Exporting Natural Gas Will Help U.S. Economy

The Hill (Rep. Pete Olson): The Great Recession that began at the end of this last decade has lingered like few others in recent history. Job growth has been sluggish, and unemployment numbers have ticked up only marginally, making this a painfully slow recovery. This is true in almost all sectors—except for energy. There, job growth has been nothing short of explosive. American innovation has allowed us to tap into energy resources previously off-limits and unreachable, creating jobs across the country.

The combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has fundamentally changed the American energy landscape, allowing us to access enough natural gas to last for at least a century. As a result, this year the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that America surpassed Russia as the world's energy superpower. We are producing more oil and natural gas than any other country.

As this boom drives our economic recovery, shifting dynamics across the globe reinforce the need to increase natural gas production even further. Ukraine and most of our European allies have long been held hostage by the fact that Russia remains their largest source of vital gas used to power their economies. Increased exports of American gas could cut Vladimir Putin off at the knees and increase American power.

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Mary Schaper is a Digital Communications Manager for the American Petroleum Institute. She previously worked on Capitol Hill for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as Digital Director and for Senator Lisa Murkowski. Before coming to D.C., she spearheaded digital strategy for Murkowski's successful Senate write-in campaign in 2010. Schaper enjoys traveling and taking in the local culture alongside her husband, their son and loyal springer spaniel.