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Our All of the Above Energy Reality

Kyle Isakower

Kyle Isakower
Posted January 21, 2014

The Washington Post had an interesting article last week on a letter sent by 18 environmental groups to the White House.  Interesting because it shows the extreme disconnect between their acknowledgement of reality and their demands.  First the reality, from their letter:

“We understand that the U.S. cannot immediately end its use of fossil fuels and we also appreciate the advantages of being more energy independent.”

This is a huge, and welcome, admission of the energy reality that oil and natural gas provide and will continue to provide the energy the American people and American economy need. energy realityAnd it is a huge, and welcome, admission of the economic and security benefits of safe, American, all-of- the-above energy production.  But then, having accepted reality, the rest of the letter goes on to call for policies that reject it.  Fortunately the White House had more sense:

“obviously we’re going to keep using oil and gas for some period of time…It’s better to produce these things here than import them.” Dan Utech, special assistant to the president for energy and climate change

Regarding domestic oil and natural gas production versus reducing emissions greenhouse gases Utech added: “They go together, and they’re not really at oddswhich is exactly right.  While “movements need enemies,” might be the motto for some environmentalist groups seeking to gain political power, “people need energy,” is the motto of the companies that use all available technologies to abundantly and safely deliver the actual power fundamental to maintaining our standard of living, and to  lift millions out of poverty.

Our energy mix has changed and will change, but one thing that must stay the same is a commitment by both public and private leaders to choose energy  policies that are based on technological and economic realities. The oil and natural gas industry is proud to provide Americans with the majority of the energy we use today and of being the largest investors in the technologies of tomorrow.


Kyle Isakower is vice president of regulatory and economic policy at the American Petroleum Institute. With 26 years experience, he is the go-to guy for issues regarding energy and environmental policy and oversees the development of API standards and economic analyses. In his past lives, Kyle has worked on issues related to waste management and remediation, NAAQS and air toxics—and led efforts promote the industry's energy efficiency efforts. Transplanted to Washington from north Jersey over 20 years ago, he remains faithful to the New York Giants, and works diligently to ensure his wife and two children do so as well.