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America’s Natural Gas Surge is Changing the World’s Energy Market

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted January 15, 2014

America’s Energy Boom     

Real Clear Politics:  WASHINGTON -- For decades, Americans have talked about "energy policy" as if it were the political equivalent of a migraine. The phrase connoted pain -- in ever-rising gas prices, costly government schemes and dependence on imports from precarious Middle East regimes.

But recent developments involving energy production and technology have been so astonishing that they should puncture this long-running pessimism. The amazing fact is that on nearly every front, America's energy prospects have improved in ways that would have been unimaginable just a decade ago.

In the energy marketplace, President Obama's vision of an "all of the above" strategy is actually happening. Production of oil, gas and alternative energy is rising, even as demand begins falling for these energy sources -- all thanks to new technology. The market forces driving these changes are so powerful that even politicians probably can't screw them up.

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Mary Schaper is a Digital Communications Manager for the American Petroleum Institute. She previously worked on Capitol Hill for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee as Digital Director and for Senator Lisa Murkowski. Before coming to D.C., she spearheaded digital strategy for Murkowski's successful Senate write-in campaign in 2010. Schaper enjoys traveling and taking in the local culture alongside her husband, their son and loyal springer spaniel.