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Thanks to Shale, America Continues to Hit Energy Milestones

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted September 20, 2013


U.S. Oil Output Exceeded Oil Imports Last Week by the Most Since Early 1997 

AEI Carpe Diem Blog: In another milestone for America’s shale revolution, the amount of domestic crude oil produced last week at 7.82 million barrels per day (bpd) exceeded weekly net imports of 7.52 million bpd by 304,000 barrels, according to data released yesterday by the Energy Information Administration (see chart above). There have only been two weeks since early 1997 that US crude oil production exceeded weekly imports, once in May this year by 80,000 bpd and now last week by 304,000 bpd.

As the chart above shows, US oil imports exceeded US crude oil production by 5 million bpd throughout most of 2008 when imports averaged about 10 million bpd and domestic production was about 5 million bpd. By early 2012, domestic oil production increased to 6 million bpd, but was still about 3 million bpd below oil imports of 9 million.

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