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Energy Today – August 30, 2013

Mary Leshper

Mary Schaper
Posted August 30, 2013

Benefits of Fracking Will Be Tested in Syria Attacks

Forbes: Oil prices are surging on concerns that a U.S.-led attack on Syria could disrupt global oil supplies. West Texas Intermediate crude traded at $110.45 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange this morning, after rising more than $3 a barrel on Tuesday. Less than two months ago, oil sold for less than $100.Gasoline prices have risen the most in six weeks at a time when forecasts had indicated they would be falling because of seasonal decline in demand.

It’s a pretty typical market response to geopolitical unrest in the Middle East. The concern, of course, is that any escalation of the Syrian conflict will expand to include other oil-producing nations, particularly Iran. Iran has the power to control the all-important Strait of Hormuz, through which about 17 million barrels of oil pass each day — roughly one fifth of the world supply.

But this time things are different, at least from the U.S. perspective. The implications of a supply disruption are muted because domestic production is at a 20-year high,  driven by the hydraulic fracturing boom. U.S. inventories are flush.

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