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Video: Fuel For Thought on the RFS

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 12, 2013

Our new ad does a pretty effective job summing up problems with ethanol mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS):

The blend wall is real, and it’s approaching – the point at which refiners will have to blend more ethanol into the gasoline supply than is safe for nearly 95 percent of the vehicles currently on the road, all to satisfy RFS mandates. EPA basically acknowledged the RFS is broken by promising to make adjustments next year. Unfortunately for consumers, higher ethanol blends like E15 fuel could damage engines in vehicles, boats, lawn equipment and other items. Waiting until next year to do something about the RFS could leave them holding the bag.

Thus the ad’s central message: building momentum in Congress to repeal the RFS before it’s too late. Visit to tell our nation’s leaders to repeal the RFS and join others in virtually dumping your broken engine on Washington’s backyard.


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