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Energy Today - August 9, 2013

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 9, 2013

ReutersStudy: Keystone XL to Have ‘No Material Impact’ on Emissions

The new study by IHS CERA backs an earlier U.S. State Department analysis that the pipeline and pipeline-related oil sands development wouldn’t significantly affect U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Wall Street JournalColumn: Why is One of 143 U.S. Refineries Exempt from RFS Mandate?

Kimberley Strassel writes that the Washington special-favors factory makes an appearance in EPA’s newly finalized 2013 renewable fuels standards, carving out an exemption for a lone refinery that EPA won’t name.

SNLU.S. Lead in Shale Development to Continue, Exec Predicts

KPMG’s national sector leader for energy and natural resources said the U.S. will remain the best place in the world for energy investment because of America’s significant lead in shale exploration  technology and expertise.

E&E NewsStudy Calls Aquifer Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing ‘Unlikely’

The study by Gradient Corp. draws conclusions from data from 1,754 wells that were hydraulically fractured more than 12,000 times. Most fractures reached distances of less than 2,000 feet – well below groundwater levels. (Subscription publication)


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