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Energy Today - July 19, 2013

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 19, 2013

Associated PressStudy Finds Fracking Chemicals Didn’t Contaminate Drinking Water

AP reports that the federal study on hydraulic fracturing found no evidence chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing moved up to taint drinking water aquifers at a western Pennsylvania drilling site. After a year of study researchers found chemicals in fracking fluids used to free trapped natural gas stayed thousands of feet below areas that supply drinking water.

Oil & Gas JournalTransCanada: Keystone XL’s Emissions Impacts Would be Minimal

In a letter to the State Department, the proposed pipeline’s builder says the project’s greenhouse gas impact would be minimal, the estimated added emissions representing 0.06-0.1 percent of Canada’s 2011 national GHG inventory.

ForbesDesperation From Opponents of Keystone XL Pipeline

Contributor Tim Worstall writes that arguments from pipeline opponents are self-contradicting, and cites a couple of examples. “… my basic diagnosis is that some opponents of Keystone XL are becoming so hysterical in that opposition than they’re becoming incoherent in their arguments,” Worstall writes.

BloombergLift the Ban on U.S. Oil Exports

The opinion piece argues the world has changed dramatically since Congress instituted a ban on all exports of U.S. crude oil in the 1970s: “Four decades later, that ban is threatening to put a damper on the shale-oil boom in the U.S., and Congress or the president should find a way to reverse, or at least temporarily suspend it.”


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