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Energy Summit: Fueling America’s Future

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted May 23, 2013

Great energy conversation this week at Real Clear Politics’ event: Fueling America’s Future. The summit’s two panels featured representatives from all of our energy sectors as well as the issues that will play large roles as policymakers debate the path that will keep our economy fueled and individual lives prospering. You can see the event here:

RealClearPolitics Energy Summit: Fueling America's Future from RealClearPolitics on

Regardless of whether the energy comes from water, air, the sun or the ground, some key messages/themes were echoed by all participants:

  • America is rich in energy and energy technology. Far from running out, we are “running into energy.”
  • America needs a true all-of-the-above approach to energy, one that emphasizes the sources that run our economy now and will in the future, as well as emerging sources and technologies for the future.
  • Energy from America means jobs for Americans.
  • The United States had led the way in energy innovation and will in the future because our system encourages competition.
  • The best approach for the federal government is to end policy uncertainties and allow our energy providers to do their jobs.


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