The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Energy Today - March 19, 2013

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted March 19, 2013

New York Post – Blueblood Agenda

Governor Andrew Cuomo has put natural-gas development on hold yet again, plainly thanks to the power of New York’s environmental lobby, writes Tom Shepstone. But the real issue has nothing to do with the supposed health concerns cited by the opponents of “fracking.” No, the delay has been engineered by some extremely powerful special interests — New York’s bluebloods —at the expense of the hopes of land-owning and blue-collar New Yorkers.

NBC News – Power Shift: Energy Boom Dawning in America

In a turnaround that industry insiders describe as nothing short of amazing, the U.S. energy picture has drastically changed. Oil and natural gas drilling is now booming in places like Texas’ Eagle Ford, and the Bakken formation in North Dakota, bringing jobs and prosperity to those regions.

24/7 Wall St. – Fracking, North Dakota and U.S. Economic Explosion

If every state in the Union was like North Dakota, the American economy would be growing as fast as China's, writes Douglas A. McIntyre. Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, the state's oil production numbers are stunning – a promise, perhaps, for states that have new-found shale deposits. It is also a promise for economic prosperity in those states, if government regulators do not stand in the way.

The Economist – America’s Energy Bonanza is Reshaping the Country, Saving the Economy

Shale gas production is leading a manufacturing revival in Pennsylvania, but other states are seeing their economies lifted by similar shale booms, including Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Shale-gas production in the United States rose more than fourfold between 2007 and 2010, says the Department of Energy. That has helped push up its natural gas output by 20 percent over the past five years, making the country the world’s biggest natural gas producer.

The New York Times – Oil Sands Emissions

The Keystone XL pipeline will have no impact on global greenhouse gas emissions because oil sands crude will replace current American imports of similar heavy oil from Venezuela and Mexico, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ Greg Stringham writes in a letter to the editor.

The Washington Times – Taking Issue with the Energy Security Trust

The National Ocean Industries Association’s Randall Luthi writes in an op-ed that the president’s Energy Security Trust proposal would have the oil and natural gas industry fund competitors. Instead, the administration should drop proposals for counterproductive tax increases on the industry and open more offshore areas to production.


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