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Energy Innovation, Continued

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted March 7, 2013

More snapshots of energy innovators from IHS CERAWeek:

Hyperspectral ImagingRebellion Photonics offers refiners 24/7 gas cloud monitoring through video produced by hyperspectral imaging cameras. CEO Allison Lami Sawyer says the technology, which detects hydrocarbons at 100 parts per million, is superior to traditional sensors that are prone to repeated alarms and need frequent recalibration. Sawyer says Rebellion’s service will reduce refinery downtime. “It’s the power of an image,” she says. Video:



Water DesalinizationEcosphere Energy Services provides mobile water treatment at oil and natural gas well sites. CEO Bob Cathey says his company can treat 100 percent of hydraulic fracturing fluid on site, recycling all of it for future use. The company says its patented technology uses ozone to kill bacteria, oxidize soluble organics and hydrocarbons – eliminating the need for chemical biocides. Ecosphere’s mobile unit:

Plastics Into Synthetic CrudeAgilyx uses a patented process to convert ground waste plastic into synthetic crude oil. CEO Ross Patten says 77 percent of waste plastic in the U.S. ends up landfills. Agilyx uses hot air to transform plastic feedstock from a solid to a liquid to a gas. The gases then are cooled and condensed and impurities removed, leaving synthetic crude behind. An Agilyx plastic reclamation vessel:

Water Decontamination/DesalinizationAtela’s process, according to President/CEO Ned Godshall, cleans hydraulic flowback water to a point 20 times as clean as drinking water. The company’s process copies nature’s hydrologic cycle without energy intensive equipment, high temperatures or pressure. More detail on the process here. Ultimately, Atela says it can produce 3 gallons of clean water from the heat energy that would produce just 1 gallon – allowing re-use of water resources for new hydraulic fracking jobs.

Supersonic Gas Separation – ENGO Engineering of Russia is the founder and patent holder of 3S-separation technology that pulls waste and hydrocarbons out of natural gas, ultimately resulting in dry gas. The company is engaged with oil and natural gas giants including Rosneft, Gazprom and Lukoil. 3S-separation installations have operated in Western Siberia and China since 2007 and 2011, respectively. Last year ENGO became a “resident” of the Skolkovo Foundation, a center that brings together scientists, engineers and businessmen to develop new technologies. Unfortunately, the company’s website is still under construction.

The above are just some of the many innovative technologies and services that were featured at CERAWeek. You can check out the full list here.

All show how the oil and natural gas industry and its associated industries continue to be dynamic innovators -- working to be more effective, more efficient and cleaner as they find and deliver the energy we need to get to work, heat and cool our homes and much more.



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