The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

American Energy Works: Thuy

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 9, 2012

Thuy is a director of petrophysical technology in the oil and natural gas industry. Her team, self-described “techno-nerds,” supports her company’s quest for hydrocarbons with key modeling and mapping functions that guide drilling decisions. Her story is one of a flight for freedom – she left Vietnam as a child with her parents and other family members in 1975 – education and achievement:

“My family was very much education oriented. My father said it’s not a matter of whether you go to college or not, it’s what are you going to study? … I wanted a degree where within four years I could get a good degree, where I could financially support my family. … I looked at the petroleum industry, and it was very high technology, it was doing something very good for the nation.”

Thuy’s video:

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