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Graphically Speaking: Fracking and Groundwater

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted April 3, 2012

Check out the useful infographic below that shows how groundwater protection can work hand in hand with responsible natural gas development that uses hydraulic fracturing. Go here, and it becomes interactive.

Industry guidelines developed by API and its members call for key components detailed in the graphic: sound well construction, backflow prevention, secure impoundment strategies and smart water use and reuse and safe waste disposal. All are designed to prevent leaks and surface spills, and to promote good stewardship.

In addition, the graphic depicts some fracking basics that help blunt some of the myths about the process – specifically, that hydraulic fracturing occurs a mile or more beneath the surface, with thousands of feet of impermeable rock between fracked areas and groundwater. As the graphic shows, hydraulic fracturing fluids are 99.5 percent water and sand and .5 percent chemicals. People can check the FracFocus website to learn what’s being used in their area.

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