The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Imagining and Realizing

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted October 10, 2011

"What if ....?" The words invite the mind to imagine ... possibilities. The latest Wood Mackenzie study is all about energy possibilities, detailing what could happen with pro-development energy strategies: 1 million new jobs, billions in new tax revenue for government and enough energy to meet 100 percent of our liquid fuel needs domestically and from Canada within 15 years. Imagine!In the video below, API Senior Tax Policy Advisor Brian Johnson puts the numbers from Wood Mackenzie's analysis into perspective. Unemployment, the federal deficit and uncertainty about how we'll run our economy in the future. "What if there was a straightforward way to tackle some of these problems," Johnson says. There is: developing American energy. Then, as Johnson notes, the only question is, "When do we get started?" Here's the video:


Mark Green joined API after a career in newspaper journalism, including 16 years as national editorial writer for The Oklahoman in the paper’s Washington bureau. Mark also was a reporter, copy editor and sports editor. He earned his journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma and master’s in journalism and public affairs from American University. He and his wife Pamela live in Occoquan, Va., where they enjoy their four grandchildren.