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Energy From Shale: Take a Letter

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted September 20, 2011

The White House is hearing it from supporters of natural gas development and hydraulic fracturing. A total of 119 organizations have signed on to a letter urging the president's continued support for natural gas development, while also asking him to get behind the fracking technology that's triggering a revolution in gas production.

Click here for the full text, but a few highlights:

  • Natural gas is significantly reducing energy costs, including home heating for millions of Americans.
  • Hydraulic fracturing has been used in more than 1 million wells for more than 60 years, earning nods for safety from the Environmental Protection Agency (2004), the Ground Water Protection Council (2009) and this year from the Energy Department's shale gas production subcommittee - which called "remote" the risk of drinking water pollution by fracking fluids through fractures in deep shale reservoirs.
  • Effective state and federal regulation is in place to guide and monitor an industry that has strong incentives to maintain a high level of environmental performance. In terms of safety and the environment, industry is a willing participant, having developed a set of standards and best practices to direct field operations. It also is working for transparency, helping develop an online registry of chemicals used in fracking.

The fact is natural gas is integral to a pro-energy development scenario, outlined in a recent study, in which new jobs would be created, more energy for America would be produced and revenues to government would increase. The organizations write:

"There is huge potential to expand development, which can strengthen our nation's economic recovery and put people back to work. Without hydraulic fracturing, that potential will not be realized, and we will not enjoy the tremendous economic and job creation benefits our nation's abundant supplies of natural gas can provide. ... The industry is committed to ensuring that it will continue to be employed in a safe and responsible manner."

No doubt, the president gets lots of mail. At a time when everyone is focused on jobs, cutting the deficit and fueling America's economy, this is one letter that should catch his eye. For more on shale gas, check out the Energy From Shale website, here.


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