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Readying for Irene

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 26, 2011

After a rare earthquake on Tuesday, the nation's capital is bracing for Hurricane Irene, which was expected to plow through the area over the weekend. What's next, a plague of frogs?

Seriously, hurricanes are serious business. Fortunately, the oil and natural gas industry has lots of experience preparing for them because of the concentration of refineries and pipeline heads in the Gulf region. Irene will miss those, but refineries in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as pipeline companies are preparing for the storm's advance. Check here for information on the ways industry prepares for hurricanes.

The main point is the industry's focus is on preparedness, safety and working with government officials to make sure consumers have products:

"Market forces and the cooperation of government and the oil and natural gas industry are often the most effective paths to restoring supplies taken off line by hurricanes. The industry seeks to resume normal operations as quickly and safely as possible to continue to meet consumer demand. The government also steps in to alleviate supply concerns by issuing multi-state fuel waivers that encourage imports and lending crude oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve."

Preparedness and safety: The best way to greet a hurricane.


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