The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

Overlooking the Obvious

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted August 25, 2011

Interesting points (and mesmerizing map) in Brad Plumer's post on why the employment/economic picture is better in some states than others, based on a Goldman Sachs analysis. Plumer lists the reasons:

1. Energy. "States that are linked to the oil and natural gas industry do particularly well in maintaining employment," Plumer writes, "among them Alaska, Texas, Wyoming and North Dakota (which boasts a 3.3 percent unemployment rate)." More on North Dakota, here.

2. States with limited exposure to the housing bubble.

3. States with lots of high-end service jobs.

Plumer's conclusion? "Yet another reason why housing policy seems to be the most fruitful place to look for ideas about how to pull the country out of its slump."

Housing policy? Of course (insert sarcasm here). Why opt for No. 1 when No. 2 is available!

Seriously, in the search for fruitful ideas to get the economy going again, the oil and natural gas industry has demonstrated it can create jobs and is based in the private sector. In fact, no need to look hard: The ideas are right here - under our feet.


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