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Hello from the Hawkeye State

Rayola Dougher

Rayola Dougher
Posted August 13, 2011

Hello from the Hawkeye State. I am here in Ames with Eric Wohlschlegel, Deryck Spooner and the Iowa Energy Forum for the 2011 Republican Party Straw Poll. This is the first time the America Petroleum Institute, which sponsors the Iowa Energy Forum and 25 other Energy Forums around the country, has sponsored the Iowa Straw Poll. It is part of the organization's ongoing efforts to share with people the benefits of the oil and natural gas industry and all forms of energy to America's future. Here at the Straw Poll, Iowans are taking a similar message to the Presidential candidates.

Today was spent setting up the Iowa Energy Forum tent that includes exhibits showcasing ethanol, wind technology, a solar car, as well as the benefits of America's vast natural gas resources. We hope to host 300 Iowans in talking about the use of hydraulic fracturing, the benefits of Canadian oil sands to American jobs and our economy, and look at examples of the amazing products used in our everyday lives that are made from oil and natural gas.


There will be a big screen TV where you can follow the day's events on screen or via twitter at #IAENERGY. We also have internet access and a charging workstation for reporters and others. There are over 700 reporters expected to attend on top of 30,000 visitors. So if you are heading to the Straw Poll stop on by, it's fun for the whole family and we hope you will join us.

Contributors: Eric Wohlschlegel and Deryck Spooner.