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Tweeting the White House

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted July 6, 2011

Kudos to the White House for today's presidential Twitter town hall - which will feature the president in the East Room this afternoon for a live webcast in which he answers selected questions submitted via Twitter. Others have their questions for the chief, below are mine. (Feel free to get in on the event by asking your own energy-related questions or retweeting these - using the hashtag #AskObama.) Five Questions for the Administration

1. The Keystone XL pipeline would create American jobs and increase our energy security. Why is approval taking so long? #AskObama

2. EIA says in 2035 oil + #natgas will supply 60% of our energy. Shouldn't we try to produce as much of it as possible here at home? #AskObama

3. By 2030 92% of our liquid fuels could be filled by secure US/Canadian production. Will you support increasing access? #AskObama

4. Increased access = more jobs & more fed revenue, increased energy taxes = fewer jobs less fed revenue. Which do you support? #AskObama

5. Only a few deepwater drilling permits have been granted in the Gulf since last year. Why not ease the regulatory bottleneck? #AskObama


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