The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

The Political Approach to Energy Policy

Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted March 25, 2011

The American public is understandably worried about the price of gasoline and overwhelmingly rejects raising those prices higher through new energy taxes, instead supporting increasing domestic production of oil. Of course, when the public gets worried, public officials get worried and have correspondingly ramped up the production of...politics.

First came the political messaging that current administration policies have improved our energy outlook, but that, um, turned out not to be true. So then in change of tactics we are presented with the absurd notion that oil companies are not interested in producing oil. Again, no, no, and no.

The fact is from the very beginning, the current administration has taken specific steps to stop or delay the development of America's domestic oil and natural gas resources. Here is a quick look at just a sample of examples. (click to enlarge)stop policy infographic.jpg

When the American people say they want an energy policy, they don't mean that they want energy messaging. They want secure, affordable, actual energy, and a plan to develop our domestic oil and natural gas resources in an environmentally responsible way to power our nation's economy, create jobs* and enhance our nation's energy security.

* Oh, and the plan to create jobs should preferably be one to create jobs, you know, here.


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