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Chevron's willyoujoinus Provides Outlet for Energy Discussion

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted October 8, 2010

On this blog, we strive to provide an informative, timely and fair discussion about a variety of energy-related topics. In the spirit of those ideals, I recently came across another energy discussion forum on Chevron's

Since launching the discussion area in September, is now hosting eight different energy discussion areas that range from access to alternative energy, providing an outlet for everyone to discuss these important issues.

For example, user "jgotthold" offered this information about alternative energy projects to the discussion:

"On almost a daily basis, scientists announce some nanotechnology breakthrough which has the potential to improve fuel cells, hydrogen storage, wind power development, tidal wave development and all the other aspects of environmentally sound energy. The only difficulty is that an indication of progress in a laboratory is usually ten to fifteen years away from a prototype product and many more years away from a produce able, affordable product that can actually be utilized by enough people to make a difference."

Energy issues are some of the most important issues facing the United States today, and affordable and reliable energy is a key driver of the nation's economic prosperity and security. As energy is discussed in Washington, D.C. and across America, staying informed will help all of us make better decisions for our families, our communities and ultimately this nation.

Chevron's provides a forum for users to interact and talk about important energy issues. Be a part of America's energy future and join the discussion.