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The Joliet Rally for Jobs

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted September 15, 2010

The Rally for Jobs in Joliet, Illinois, was a reminder of the can-do spirit that is emblematic of America's Midwest. The event exuded patriotism, pride, perseverance--the hallmarks of the 1,000 union members as well as business and industry leaders who took a stand for jobs and the economy at the Pipefitters Training Center.

Among those who participated in the rally were Mike Ditka, the legendary Chicago Bears football coach; Jim Cornelison, the vocalist who sings the National Anthem at the Chicago Blackhawk hockey games; and national and local union leaders representing the blue-collar workers who have built America. Standing before the podium facing the crowd were veterans who recently received training as welders. You'll see them in the video below.

Rallies for Jobs were held in five states in early September to give Americans from all walks of life the opportunity to voice their concern for jobs and the economy. More information is available here.