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North Dakota Oil Production = Breaking Records

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted July 16, 2010

After months of mixed economic news and 9-10 percent unemployment, it's heartening to read about areas of the country that seem to be doing well.

As we pointed out last week, North Dakota's record oil production for 2009 and its ongoing "oil boom" has had a very positive impact on the state's economy, revenue and jobs.

Recently, North Dakota Petroleum Council (NDPC) president Ron Ness said he expected 2010 North Dakota oil production "to be way off the chart."

He was right.


Carpe Diem blogger Mark Perry highlights the state's record monthly oil production for May 2010 in a blog post from this week. Mark says:

"Total Monthly Production: 9,189,101 barrels in May, the first time that monthly production topped 9 million barrels. Amazingly, oil production in North Dakota has doubled in just the last two years."

North Dakota's energy production is making an important contribution to U.S. energy security. Government forecasts project the United States will continue to need oil and natural gas in the decades to come. And it just makes sense to produce it here rather than to import it from other nations.

For information about the oil industry and North Dakota, take a look at the "Oil Can" Program, designed to share information and improve understanding between North Dakota's petroleum industry and the community.