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Drilling is Not an Either-Or Choice

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted March 22, 2010

The Richmond Times-Dispatch today published a clear and cogent argument for oil and natural gas development off Virginia's coast.

In an editorial titled "Both-And," the newspaper's editors touch on the most important issues that remain to be resolved before Gov. Bob McDonnell can realize his concept of making Virginia the energy capital of the East Coast:

  • The Obama administration needs to hold a lease sale offering a designated portion Virginia's offshore area to energy companies for drilling;
  • Congress needs to enact legislation to permit revenue sharing from energy development with Virginia; and
  • "Ideologues on both the left and right" must move away from the notion that drilling is "an either-or proposition--either we drill offshore, or we pursue renewable alternatives. It's a false choice."

As the editorial explains, "America can both drill offshore and invest in clean energy. Virginia should take the lead down both avenues."

Read the full text of the Times-Dispatch editorial for more information.