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Energy from the Bossier Shale

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted November 20, 2009

An article in today's Shreveport Times discusses the initial production results of Bossier Shale formation, and the findings are encouraging enough that it is expected to become a major player in U.S. natural gas development. The first Bossier Shale well was drilled in August flowed at 9.4 million cubic feet per day.

Over the past few years, advanced technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have unlocked the promise of natural gas in tight rock formations.

Quoted in the article, John L. Sharp, Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s geosciences manager said:

"And with all of that natural gas--estimated at 200 trillion cubic feet--available for sale at some point, the education of policymakers to move away from a dependence on foreign fuel sources should become a primary focus."

Policymakers should focus on developing America's energy resources for Americans to increase supply and improve our energy security. Natural gas is an abundant, clean, bridge fuel to the nation's energy future.