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New Game: Turn Your Home Into a Smart House!

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted November 11, 2009

Yesterday, we launched our newest interactive--Smart House, a game that teaches players about energy efficiency and tests personal energy awareness.

Smart House.jpg

During your time in the virtual Smart House, you can make decisions about the energy efficiency of items in your house and find helpful tips that translate into both energy and cost savings.

Oil and natural gas are vital in almost every aspect of your home, whether they're used in the heating or cooling the home or in the products we use every day. And with Smart House's useful advice, you can apply what you learn and turn your home into a Smart House.

So have some fun and pick up helpful energy-saving tips along the way.

For additional games and simulations to test your skills and knowledge of the energy industry, visit the Energy Arcade. Cruise the highways, drill for oil and natural gas, or earn your energy diploma--it can all be achieved at the Energy Arcade.