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Op-ed: Offshore oil production will help Florida and America

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted October 13, 2009

An op-ed in last week's Osceola News Gazette by Florida state representative Mike Horner discussed the importance of domestic oil and natural gas production, and how production could bring additional revenues, thousands of well-paying jobs, and greater energy security to Florida and our nation.

Horner says:

"Economists project these energy resources could produce between $2.3 billion and $12 billion in revenues -- each year -- for state government. That's money we badly need for public education, transportation, environmental protection and other critical functions of government. Drilling also could boost Florida's economy by $7 billion to $41 billion a year and create 40,000 to 231,000 new Florida jobs."

Read the full op-ed for more information, and visit the Action Center to tell Congress to act now and put America's energy to work for Americans.