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Editorial: "Who Was Masquerading?"

Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted September 14, 2009

An editorial from today's Oil & Gas Journal makes an important observation at a time when Congress is poised to enact wide-ranging energy and climate change laws. The editorial notes, "...affiliation with the oil and gas industry discredits whatever a person might say on the subject of energy." The author argues that this tactic muffles the industry's political voice and expertise and exposes the United States to costly mistakes on energy.

In addition, the editorial makes specific mention of the recent Energy Citizens rallies held across the country and efforts by some to characterize these rallies as "Astroturfing." It says:

"But who was masquerading?...Oil and gas industry workers have good reason to call themselves energy citizens. They have reason to be concerned. Ill-conceived energy legislation, if passed, would put their jobs in jeopardy."

Oil and natural gas industry employees, as well as the seniors, truckers, farmers, and small-business owners who attended the rallies, have a right to stand up and let their voices be heard. We're glad this editorial agrees.

Visit the Energy Citizens Web site to learn more.