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Jane Van Ryan

Jane Van Ryan
Posted April 30, 2009

We've recently added a new section to our Web site: the Action Center--which allows you to contact the administration and Congress and speak up on two very controversial energy issues:

We've been quite clear about our position on both issues. We favor increased domestic production because every respected energy forecast has concluded that our country will be consuming more oil and natural gas for many years in the future. We oppose new taxes and fees because history has shown that they tend to put upward pressure on energy prices for all of us.

The Action Center contains an abundance of useful information and tools to help you leverage your perspective on these issues. For example, by using a new interactive widget called SocialCapital, you can send a message directly to public officials and members of Congress about these energy issues via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. This widget is the first of its kind. Check it out and tell us what you think.

In the coming weeks, we'll be updating the Action Center with additional content and capabilities. In the meantime, visit the Action Center to learn more and get involved.