The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Indusry

American Energy

Our Energy Opportunity

America’s recent energy past serves to underscore the opportunity that’s brimming in her energy present – thanks to significant gains in oil and natural gas production within the past decade. We’ve become the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas, leaving behind decades of energy scarcity, uncertainty and dependence.

Yet, the recent gains require policy decisions to ensure energy abundance and security for the future. Ultimately, national consensus on energy policy is foundational for our country to take full advantage of the opportunities generated by our energy resurgence.

These opportunities can become reality with policies that foster the oil and natural gas industry’s ability to innovate, invest and safely develop our nation’s enormous energy resources and preserve our world-class refineries. This could usher in an unparalleled era of American energy security and stability in the global energy market while also ensuring economic opportunity and prosperity for our nation for many years to come.

It requires getting energy policy right today, especially in key areas: access to domestic energy reserves; a regulatory approach that’s fair, cost-worthy and doesn’t needlessly hinder development; and federal leasing and permitting processes that ensure efficient oversight for safe and responsible production without bogging it down in uncertainty. In short, the country needs strategies that fit the nation’s new energy reality – strategies grounded in market principles and based on the best science available.

Combined with other available energy sources – coal, nuclear and renewables – oil and natural gas development can ensure we seize an historic opportunity to build on America’s emergence as an energy superpower. That is, to work together toward a shared vision of a world where everyone has access to safe, reliable and affordable energy – inseparable from America’s economic growth and national security.

Primary Energy Consumption by Sector and Source

Source: EIA